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Japanese built vehicles with rear hatch door

By September 1, 2022No Comments

Japanese built vehicles with rear hatch door

Certain Japanese built vehicles, namely Chrysler Colts, Toyota Tercels, GLC and, Honda CIVICs, around the area where the rear window wiper assembly is connected to the hatch, has on occasion rusted. To examine this matter a little closer, we spoke with a Honda representative who told us that on a few cars the wiper assembly is installed after the car has been completely assembled and tinted. Consequently, when the hole in the hatch is cut to install the wiper assembly, two problems can arise. The first possible problem is that the cutting OJ used to make the hole in the hatch is dull. This can cause excessive heat as the hole is being cut. The heat separates the paint from the metal, which then allows moisture to condense on the metal under the paint. This moisture causes rust that expands, which explains the paint bubbles and blisters that start in this area. The second problem is, in some cases, the metal isn’t properly protected around the edges where the hole is cut. The exposed metal allows rust to start and spread under the paint. This causes blistering and cracking of the painted surface. Please be aware of these potential problems and, bring them to the owner’s attention if it pertains to his/her vehicle. Direct them back to their local car Dealer or Area Representative.

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