Japanese built vehicles with rear hatch door

Certain Japanese built vehicles, namely Chrysler Colts, Toyota Tercels, GLC and, Honda CIVICs, around the area where the rear window wiper assembly is connected to the hatch, has on occasion rusted. To examine this matter a little closer, we spoke with a Honda representative who told us that on a few cars the wiper assembly

Are there benefits to using touch-up paint?

Are there benefits to using touch-up paint?
Stone chips are a major cause of surface rust on vehicles. The use of touch-up paint greatly reduces the risk of paint blisters caused by chips. By taking care of a small problem when it is noticed, it could save you hundreds of dollars in eventual body work costs. Did this answer your question?Yes

My car already has a different type of rustproofing applied on it, will Rust Check be as efficient in this case?

Yes. In cases where an alternate product such as wax or tar based treatment has been used prior to Rust Check, those products typically show signs of failure after time. Drying, cracking and eventual flaking generally occur allowing moisture to creep beneath the coating, causing rust. Rust Check if applied over these coating also creeps

Are floor boards covered under your warranty?

Floor boards on vehicles are not covered under the terms of the warranty. This is due to the fact that the majority of floor boards rust from the inside below the carpet, where Rust Check is not applied. A simple precaution to this problem is the use of pantsaver floor mats, which catch the water,

If it rains or snows will the treatment be effective?

Yes. Rust Check displaces moisture, so it can be applied in any weather, and at any time of the year.

Is there anything I should do to prepare my car for process?

To prepare a vehicle for application all we ask is that the vehicle is clean and the trunk is empty. If the vehicle is a 4 x 4, it is requested that any mud or heavy build up is pressure washed off prior to bringing the vehicle in. These steps will help the technician stay

Do you drill holes?

A few holes may be required in order to access body cavities that factory design has not allowed for. These holes are approximately 1/2 inch in size, and enable even and complete coverage of each panel.

What is the advantage of an annual rust protection system?

No one time application lasts forever. “Permanent” rust protectants typically offer a warranty for a maximum for 10 years. This means such systems can only delay serious rusting. Furthermore, annual inspections or touch-ups typically are required to keep the warranty valid, so there is no difference as far as the “convenience” factor is concerned. Rust

What is Coat & Protect?

Rust Check Coat & Protect provides the required protection for exposed areas of your vehicle’s undercarriage. Coat & Protect is formulated as a premium undercarriage treatment that forms adherent and wash resistant, but non-drying and self-healing protective films that will not crack or peel. Coat & Protect also provides excellent undercarriage appearance, and lubricates as

Does your product drip?

Rust Check is a thin liquid product designed to penetrate deep down into the crevices of a vehicle. In order to access these areas you may experience occasional dripage. There is no dripage from our undercarriage application when Coat and Protect is applied.

Why do I need additional rust protection for my car?

Data from a 1995 DesRosiers Survey indicated that without additional rust protection, cars were pretty much certain to show some rust after 6 to 8 years. The survey indicated that with additional rust protection, cars were almost certain not to show any rust even after 13+ years. Additional rust protection will protect your car’s resale

What kind of rust protection should I get for my car?

Rust Check has a long history of successful automobile rust protection. Time Tested and Proven since 1973. Recipient of the 1997 Consumers Choice award for Automobile Rust Proofing Service. Effective on both new and used vehicles. Complete annual re-applications, not just touch-ups. Lifetime, annually renewable warranty – as long as Rust Check continues to be

What is your warranty?

Rust Check offers lifetime, annually renewable warranties to all cars less than one model year and to qualified cars up to three (3) model years old. This is not a money-back warranty – if a vehicle rusts from the inside out, we will pay for the repairs in accordance with the Warranty Certificate The warranty is

Will Rust Check void any new car factory warranties?

No. Rust Check is an aftermarket product, but it will not void any factory warranties issued by the manufacturer.

How long does an application take?

A typical application takes approximately 1 hour.

What is Rust Check?

Rust Check is a two product process’. Rust Check is a light liquid oil-based product with active corrosion inhibitors. Its main function is to penetrate into crevices, displace existing moisture, and then keep moisture from re-entering. Without moisture, corrosion cannot occur. Coat & Protect is a thicker version of Rust Check, with the same active