Application Comparison

Unlike conventional oil, tar and wax-based products, which do little more than just cover up the metal in your vehicle, Rust Check creeps into all hidden rust prone areas including: doors, fenders, pillars, frame members, engine compartments and cavernous undercarriage areas where the Rusties love to hide out. Rust Check is time tested and proven for almost 50 years.

Rust Check is not only for new vehicles. Even older vehicles and those treated with other inadequate rust coatings can benefit from it’s deep penetrating action. It will not repair damage already done to older vehicles, but it will inhibit the progression of rust in problem areas.

Accredited by millions of satisfied customers, Rust Check preserves wiring connections, electronic components and structural integrity; thereby improving the resale value and safety of your vehicle for years to come.

(With oil sprays, Tars and Waxes)


Tars and waxes will probably attack or jam power windows and locks; it also affects he electrical system. They will crack or peel thus, allowing going much more harm than good.

Oil sprays float on water, trapping it against metal.

Tar type materials if sprayed inside the door panels etc. will plug vital drain holes, as a result this will trap the moistre inside.

Corrosion is allowed to attack the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Tars and waxes can crack or peel, allowing moisture to pass directly to the metal.

Sealents can plug vital drain holes, trapping moisture in critical areas.

Trapped moisture can freeze, expand or break seams.
Rust Check keeps moisture and oxygen out when other rust proofing materials can seal water in, failing to displace moisture.
Protects electrical systems and components.
Penetrates and lubricates all moving parts.
Bonds to all surfaces for lasting protection.
Completely protects seams and support braces.
Will not clog drain holes.
Creeps into seams and crevices to lock out moisture.