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Coat & Protect

Coat & Protect

Category: Aerosols

Rust Check Coat & Protect is a heavy-duty protectant lubricant. Forms a gel-like coating that resist moisture and abrasion. Provides durable lubrication and protection against rusting and seizing even under adverse outdoor weather conditions.

Ideal for: Winter Storage of farm and garden equipment tools, lawnmowers, bicycles, boats, outboard motors, trailers, air conditioners, cottage and swimming pool closings. Summer Storage of snow blowers and snow mobiles. Car and truck undercoating, industrial machinery and equipment, metal parts, equipment in storage and during shipment, hitches, chains, cables and fittings, and electrical connectors.

Rust Check Coat & Protect provides the required protection for exposed areas of your vehicle's undercarriage. Coat & Protect is formulated as a premium undercarriage treatment that forms adherent and wash resistant, but non-drying and self-healing protective films that will not crack or peel. Coat & Protect also provides excellent undercarriage appearance, and lubricates as it protects

  • Coats & protects NEW & OLD metals
  • Wear resistant corrosion protection
  • Heavy duty lubrication
  • Resists severe weather conditions
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Rust Check
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